Taiwanese actress Yao Yao recently opened up about a frightening experience she had while filming supernatural drama The Teenage Psychic 2.

Speaking at a press conference in Taipei last Friday (Sep 27), the 29-year-old shared that she is very grateful to her co-star Wen Chen-ling for saving her life. “We shot in many different locations for season two, including up in the mountains, in a factory, and in a lake,” Yao Yao recalled.

It was while shooting the lake scene that the incident occurred. According to Yao Yao, the temperature of the water was so low and she was in there for so long (almost five hours, to be precise) that she eventually began to hyperventilate and felt like she was losing consciousness.

“As soon as the director yelled cut, Chen-ling rushed over to grab me to stop me from slipping underwater,” she said. “I’m so thankful to her for saving my life, or I may have suffered from hypothermia and have to be hospitalised, or worse!”

The pair then took the opportunity to clear the air about rumours that they don’t get along. “It’s not true at all. In fact, we meet up almost every month. I have no idea where that piece of gossip came from,” said Chen-ling, as Yao Yao piped up good-naturedly, “Let’s just consider the rumours as a form of extra publicity for our show!”

Photos: TPG

The Teenage Psychic 2 debuts on October 6. Subscribe to HBO GO on Toggle to watch The Teenage Psychic.

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