Taiwanese actress Yao Yao (Kuo Shu Yao) attended the press conference of online role-playing game Kaiser in Taipei on December 11 dressed up as a fantasy character.

Being the ambassador for the game enabled Yao Yao to try many new things that she'd always wanted to do, such as shooting a music video that involved archery stunts with wire rigging.

When asked to share her secret to maintaining her youthful, eternally girlish appearance, Yao Yao laughed and said that spending time with younger people helps, which led some to speculate that she was talking about her boyfriend, former SpeXial member Riley King.

"It's not just him," Yao Yao clarified. "A lot of the crew members that I work with are also younger than me. Besides that, taking care of your skin and having the right diet can also help maintain a youthful appearance."

Unfortunately, because Riley is currently filming a TV series in China, the couple will be unable to spend Christmas together. Instead, Yao Yao and her team will be getting together to play video games.

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