Yao Yao held a press conference to express her gratitude for all the support for her TV series The Teenage Psychic in Taipei on December 27.

2018 has been a great year for the 28-year-old Taiwanese actress, who enjoyed success in both her professional and personal lives. However, because her boyfriend, former SpeXial member Riley King, has been developing his career in China, the couple has not seen each other for three months. Yao Yao also admitted that they are sometimes too busy to talk to each other every day.

When asked if she is worried about their relationship being affected by the distance, Yao Yao mused that, as with all other things, all she can do is to put in her best efforts and let things play out naturally as not everything is within her control.

She then shared that audiences can look forward to more of her work next year, including music projects.

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