Could another celebrity couple’s relationship be on the rocks?

Taiwanese actress Yao Yao recently sparked concern when she shared several melancholic posts on social media, leading netizens to wonder if there’s something going on between her and her boyfriend, former SpeXial member Riley Wang.

The 28-year-old put these rumours to rest at the press conference for anime series One Piece’s 20th anniversary exhibition in Taipei yesterday (Jul 4). “Please don’t over-interpret things,” she said. “I’m doing well and I’m thankful for everyone’s concern, but I would appreciate some personal space.”

Now that she’s wrapped shooting for both her upcoming films, A Fool in Love, Love Like a Fool and The Teenage Psychic 2, Yao Yao has more time to take on other endeavours, such as learning English and dance. She also hopes to release a new single in the summer.

When asked if she has more time to date Riley, she responded with a simple “yes” before adding that she hopes that the public will not focus so much on her personal life, and that she will refrain from responding to baseless reports.

Photos: TPG

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