‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ lead actress under fire for unprofessionalism

Actress Wu Jinyan has since issued a public apology on the matter

yanxi wei yingluo
Wu Jin Yan plays Wei Yingluo, a palace maid who eventually becomes the most influential consorts in the palace.

Hit Chinese palace drama series, Story of Yanxi Palace, ended its 70-episode run on a high last Sunday, breaking viewership and streaming records in China.

The well-loved drama series, set in the Qing dynasty, revolves around the power struggle between concubines in the palace and is written by esteemed scriptwriter Yu Zheng. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity, the drama has propelled its lead actors to super stardom overnight, especially Wu Jin Yan, who plays the protagonist Wei Yingluo, and Xu Kai, who plays her star-crossed lover Fuca Fuheng.

Chinese actors Qin Lan and Nie Yuan both also enjoyed a second career reboot with their roles as Empress Xiaoxianchun and Qianlong Emperor on the show.

However, a recent Weibo post by a Chinese movie site, China Film, alleged that the drama’s lead actress Wu Jin Yan’s entourage behaved unprofessionally during an interview with her last week.

The post alleged that their reporting team of seven people had arrived at the interview location half an hour before the stipulated time only to be informed by Jin Yan’s entourage that there will be a change in location.

The team quickly set off for the new venue located “more than 10 kilometres away” but when they arrived, they were told they had to fork out “location fees” due to the poor liaising by the actress’ team. On top of that, the interview team was informed that the actress was not able to comply with the “pre-arranged interview content” due to other arrangements in the day.

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China Film’s Weibo post was widely circulated after it was published at midnight yesterday. Hours later, the 28-year-old actress finally responded to it by sharing their original post and writing an apology.

“Once again, I’ve deeply felt the hard work and effort China Film puts in for young actors. Me and my team will definitely remember that virtue comes above all else on one’s journey in showbiz and will work towards becoming an actor with talent and integrity.

“[I would like to] once again offer the China Film team, who took care of me, and the people who care for me, my deepest apologies: Sorry!” Jin Yan wrote, offering no further explanation about her team's behaviour.

Story of Yanxi Palace also stars Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh and Chinese actress Tan Zhuo. Malaysian-Chinese actor Lawrence Wong also has a supporting role in the drama as palace guard turn General Hai Lancha.

The drama has been widely compared to the currently airing Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, headlined by Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun, as both shows are based on the Qing dynasty and share similar characters.

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