Yang Mi turns to religion after divorce

The actress reportedly relies on Buddhist scriptures to stay calm

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Actors Yang Mi and Hawick Lau called it quits on their relationship late last year, after five years of marriage. Since then, both the media and fans alike have taken an increased interest in the former couple, as well as their 4-year-old daughter, nicknamed ‘Little Glutinous Rice’.

Last Thursday (January 3), Yang Mi was seen at the Beijing Capital International Airport, heading off to a schedule. To avoid the cameras, she put the hood of her jacket up, obscuring her entire face. Throughout the entire journey, she kept her face down, with her hands clutching a bag as well as a small red device, which piqued the curiosity of netizens.

Later, Yang Mi’s fans explained that the red device was a “Buddhist prayer counter”, and that she has always been a devout Buddhist. In earlier reports, she revealed that when she once faced strong criticism from netizens online, her emotions and mood were negatively affected. At that time, she had relied on reading books and chanting scriptures in order to calm herself down.

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As there has been much discussion and speculation on the state of Yang Mi and Hawick’s marriage and personal lives in the past week, the appearance of Yang Mi’s prayer counter aroused the sympathy of her fans, who gathered that the 32-year-old must have been affected by the reports.

In other related news, Hawick’s father, veteran actor Lau Dan, was spotted by reporters in Hong Kong on the same day. As Lau Dan and his wife are the main caregivers for Little Glutinous Rice, reporters asked him if the 4-year-old misses her mother.

However, Lau Dan replied, “She doesn’t miss anything, all she thinks about is playing.” He also shared that he was not sure of his son’s whereabouts.

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