Yang Mi suspected to have filmed 2017 talk show after divorce

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau may have announced that they split this year, but not everyone is convinced

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Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announced on December 22 that they had filed for divorce, which didn’t come as a surprise to many as the pair has been rumoured to be stuck in a loveless relationship for years.

In their announcement, the former couple wrote that they had filed for divorce this year, but speculation of the pair having gone their separate ways even before then has circulated wildly on the internet, in addition to other rumours.

Both actors have stayed away from commenting on the situation, but that has only caused the rumours to grow in intensity.

One of the latest speculations is that a talk show, A Bigger Role, which Yang Mi appeared on last December, was filmed after she divorced Hawick.

In the video, she was asked about her thoughts on past issues, to which she responded that doing so is a waste of time and has no meaning. “Whatever happened in the past, whatever happened yesterday has nothing to do with me regardless of whether it’s good or bad, because it’s all in the past,” she mused.

She was also asked if her personality has changed throughout the years, to which she said, “I can’t change what I’m like. Whoever is sitting in front of you right now is who I am.”

What caught the ears of netizens was a cryptic, ambiguous quote in which she expressed, “We all know what things are like in theory, but whether we’re able to do it and whether it’s even possible to do it is another story altogether.”

The 32-year-old also shared that she believes in not dwelling on the negative aspects of her life, adding that there is “nobody that I hate” and soldiers on in life by telling herself that the party who did her wrong is a fool.

Yang Mi concluded, “That’s how (the negativity) passes quickly.”

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