Yang Mi’s rumoured boyfriend declares that age is not a factor in a relationship

The Chinese actor is three years younger than Yang Mi.

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Chinese actress Yang Mi has been in the hot seat recently after rumours began swirling that she is dating fellow actor Wei Daxun. Yang Mi, who divorced Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau in December 2018, is three years older than Daxun.

The rumoured couple has shown multiple hints of their relationship – including sharing a cap and being spotted at the same hotel - though they have not made any comment on whether they are dating. This has led to much confusion among netizens, who believe that their less-than-subtle hints are their way of telling the world that they are an item.

Daxun, who has been busy promoting his new movie Begin, Again, was asked about his views on dating an older woman last week. As one of the movie’s characters dates a woman who is seven years his senior,  the media took the opportunity to ask if such a large age gap would be something that he is comfortable with.

His declaration that age is not a factor became one of the hottest topics on Weibo on December 30, with netizens remarking that his willingness to broach the topic during a public event could well mean that the couple is getting ready to go public with their relationship.

“When they eventually decide to announce it, let’s all pretend that we’re surprised, okay?” one netizen quipped. Another added, “I think they’ll have to explain why they made it an open secret for so long. Not explaining it would only result in misunderstandings in the long term. There’s nothing wrong with a divorcee giving love another chance, anyway.”

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