Yang Mi, Hawick Lau attend daughter’s birthday party

The former couple announced their divorce last December

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Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau and Chinese actress Yang Mi announced that they have filed for divorce last December after years of speculation that they were trapped in a loveless marriage.

There was speculation that the actress would fight her ex-husband for custody of their only child, a daughter nicknamed ‘Little Glutinous Rice’, but there have been no follow-up reports on these rumours. The toddler is believed to be based in Hong Kong, and Yang Mi has been spotted flying in and out of the city in order to spend time with her daughter.

On June 1, Little Glutinous Rice celebrated her fifth birthday, and had a party in Hong Kong to mark the occasion. Yang Mi was spotted at the Hong Kong International Airport on May 31, leading to speculation that she would be present at the party. However, there was no sign of her in the pictures uploaded online, which casted doubts on her attendance at the event.

However, Hawick’s father, veteran actor Lau Dan, has since cleared the suspicions when he confirmed that both Yang Mi and Hawick were at the party. In an interview at a media event on June 12, he explained that the family wanted to have a bigger celebration for Little Glutinous Rice this year, and both her parents agreed that this would be a special day for their little girl.

Lau Dan continued that although Hawick was working on the morning of the party, he made sure that the decorations were all in place through multiple phone calls with the decorating team, and ordered hundreds of balloons to liven up the venue. He is also said to have ordered an extra-large unicorn for Little Glutinous Rice, who is born in the Year of the Horse.

Photos: PBE Media

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