Yang Mi gets slammed for "distracting" antics on reality show

She just can't catch a break from netizens


Actress Yang Mi just can’t seem to catch a break. The 33-year-old recently became a celebrity judge for the latest season of the reality show, China’s Got Talent.

Pictures of the celebrity judges during filming for an upcoming episode were also released. However, in the pictures, Yang Mi’s sparkly black mesh earrings caught the eye of netizens, who soon realised that the actress seemed to be continuously removing and re-wearing her earrings.

That simple action incurred the ire of netizens, many of whom criticised her “unseemly and distracting” actions of constantly fidgeting with her earrings. As a result, Yang Mi’s name quickly rose up the rank of Weibo’s trending searches, inviting even more comments. Some also commented that the earrings were ugly and too ostentatious.


However, a number of the actress’s fans who attended the filming session, have since come forward to speak up on her behalf. Replying to comments criticising Yang Mi, they shared that the actress had only removed her earrings because they were too heavy.

They explained that she took them off when they weren’t filming, and put them on once filming resumed. This would explain why Yang Mi wasn’t wearing the earrings in one picture.

A number of fans also mentioned Yang Mi’s work studio in their posts, requesting for the studio to be careful in choosing accessories that are comfortable to wear for extended periods in the future.

Photos: PBE Media

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