Yang Mi: My daughter loves to sing English songs

The actress shared that her 4-year-old often sings for her


Chinese actress Yang Mi has often been criticised for seemingly focusing on her career, and neglecting her family and 4-year-old daughter, nicknamed “Little Glutinous Rice”, with Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau.

In recent years, reports that the couple are estranged and separated from each other have been increasing in frequency, though the couple has always denied such reports.

In a recent interview, Yang Mi opened up about her daughter, sharing a tidbit about the 4-year-old. 

The 32-year-old revealed that recently, Little Glutinous Rice really likes to sing English songs for her. “Every time I hear her adorable and child-like voice, I feel really warm and loved,” she shared. Yang Mi also revealed that if she has no conflicting schedules, she plans to return home during Christmas or the New Year to spend time with her family.


During the interview, the actress also debunked the rumour that she only focuses on her career. Yang Mi shared that, contrary to popular belief, she splits her time and effort equally between her work and family. 

In prior interviews, the actress had also shared that she hopes for her daughter to be able to live a normal life, out of the limelight. 

Yang Mi tied the knot with Hawick in 2013, and gave birth to her daughter the following year. Their daughter resides in Hong Kong with Hawick’s parents.

Photos: PBE Media

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