Xu Bin was the first of Mediacorp’s Eight Dukes to get hitched, and now he’s going to be the first to be a dad. 
The 29-year-old, who married his China-born girlfriend Wang Yi Fei, 28, last October, tells us: “Of course I’m super excited. I was surprised and happy when I first found out. I’m like a kan cheong spider, I’ve been researching online on what my wife can or cannot eat, what she can or can’t do. Basically, Google has been my best friend since I knew I was going to be a dad (chuckles).” 
The actor, who just returned from a holiday in Cyprus with his wife and his in-laws, lets on that Yi Fei is now four months pregnant. 
He says: “My parents-in-laws have been to Cyprus before and they said it’s really beautiful, so we decided to go there for a short break before my wife’s tummy gets too big. I don’t think we will travel anymore after this as I have to start filming soon. I guess we have to wait till our son is born before we go on more holidays!”  

8 DAYS: Congrats on the good news. So what kind of pregnancy cravings does she have? 
She loves spicy food and she’s been eating a lot of that. I’ve been nagging at her not to take so much spicy food, as I read that it will cause constipation. I can’t really stop her though, she just eats whatever she wants! (Laughs) She’s been eating a lot of burgers and ice-cream too. When we were in Cyprus, she would eat a burger for lunch, and then tell me she wants to eat a burger again for dinner. Sometimes, when I come home from work, I’d find two ice-cream wrappers in the bin (laughs). She doesn’t like to eat fruits so I’ve stocked up on fruits at home and I’d blend fresh fruit juice for her every morning. 

How much weight has she gained so far? 
That’s a secret! She’s been complaining to me every day that she has gained weight, so it’s a sensitive topic. Her baby bump is very obvious now though. I feel very excited when I can feel the baby moving or kicking and I look forward to interacting with him every night! 

Have you thought of a name for your baby boy yet? 
We are still in the midst of discussing. We did come up with some nicknames but my wife didn’t like the ones I picked, and I didn’t like the ones she picked (laughs).

Who will take care of the baby when he’s born? 
My wife will return to China to deliver, and both our parents will take turns to look after the baby. It’s more convenient that way. I didn’t want our parents to come all the way to Singapore to take care of the kid as they aren’t used to living here. As for me, I will fly back whenever I have time to spend time with my family. 

What did your boss Dasmond Koh and pal Aloysius Pang say about you becoming a dad? 
They were like, “Wah! So fast! Very li hai (or ‘capable’ in English)!” (Guffaws). They were really happy for me!