Xiu Jie Kai’s workout buddy: his youngest daughter

The actor shared a number of videos from their gym session together


Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai has found a gym buddy in the most unlikely person – his youngest daughter, 2-year-old Bobo.

Yesterday (March 24), the 36-year-old uploaded two videos of him at the gym together with Bobo, sharing more about their workout session together.

In the first video, he is seen sharing his usual view at the gym while focusing on little Bobo, who’s tottering around the place. Ever so often, the 2-year-old would turn to look at Jie Kai, seemingly monitoring his progress.


The second video appeared to be taken after the actor’s workout. While taking a rest, the actor wrings out the sweat from his long-sleeved exercise top. Bobo, who is in front of him, appears to be taken aback by the sweat. She then immediately squats down on the floor, her gaze fixed on the sweat puddle, causing Jie Kai to laugh. 

“Do you want to wipe the floor together with me?” the actor wrote in his caption.

Jie Kai tied the knot with Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia in 2015 and welcomed their eldest daughter, Bubu, the same year. Alyssa gave birth to Bobo two years later, in 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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