Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai attended a press conference to promote the Taiwan Fund of Children and Families' foster care recruitment programme in Taipei yesterday (Jan 16).

The 36-year-old, who is married to Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia, expressed his admiration for those with enough patience to adopt children, and confessed that he sometimes has trouble controlling his temper around his two daughters, four-year-old Bubu and two-year-old Bobo.

For instance, when the girls fight over their toys, Jie Kai would scold them and make them stand in the bathroom as punishment. They would also have to lovingly embrace each other for 10 seconds. However, he admitted that it can sometimes be very amusing to watch his daughters quarrel, which almost makes him laugh even though he is supposed to be reprimanding them.

Despite being such a strict parent, Jie Kai said Bubu and Bobo don't seem to be afraid of him at all. Once, his drama Endless Love was being aired on TV, but instead of being proud of seeing their dad on TV, the girls boldly rushed over and shouted, "We don't want to watch your show!"

Having lost to children's programmes like Peppa Pig and Masha and the Bear, Jie Kai admitted defeat and quipped, "Perhaps I need to take on more kids' shows to win my own daughters over."

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Alyssa Chia