Xiu Jie Kai has followed in the footsteps of his wife Alyssa Chia - who has her own brand of instant noodles - and launched Sauce Lab, a range of ready-to-cook meals, which he laughingly referred to as “his other daughter”.

The Taiwanese actor held a press conference to promote the brand in Taipei yesterday (Sep 23), and brought his two real daughters, Bubu and Bobo, to act as little food critics, making this the trio’s first public appearance together. However, the girls seemed to prefer the candy prepared by the organisers over their father’s fried rice, causing an embarrassed Jie Kai to quickly clarify that they usually approve of his cooking at home.

When asked about his daughters’ eating habits, Jie Kai revealed that it’s inevitable for young children to be picky when it comes to food. Bubu, however, takes it to an amusing new level.

“She likes to order her own food, and if it doesn’t meet her expectations, she will complain and say things like, ‘I told you I wanted strawberry bread!’ or, if her milk and cereal aren’t separated, she will say that she wanted to pour her own milk and mix it herself,” he said, chuckling. “And I would apologise and promise to do better next time!”

That said, Jie Kai added that he is still the stricter parent at home, and is in charge of being the “bad cop”. “I think Bubu believes that Alyssa and I have jobs in surveillance because we always know things that happened with her in school, but the truth is, we’re just in close contact with her teachers!”

Photos: TPG