Xiu Jie Kai receives flak for leaving out step-daughter in ‘family photo’

His wife, Alyssa Chia, has another daughter from her previous marriage

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Xiu Jie Kai has earned praise numerous times from his wife, Alyssa Chia, for his unconditional love towards their daughters, Bubu and Bobo. In addition, Angelina Sun, who is Alyssa’s daughter from her previous marriage with Sun Zihao, is reported to have never been left out of their family, and Jie Kai has also made every effort to help her adapt to being in the family.

This is why his Facebook post on December 5 caused a stir online as he uploaded a photo of four pairs of Air Jordan 11s with the caption, “The classic has arrived. I’m lining them up.” Netizens were quick to ask him why he only uploaded four pairs of shoes, and wondered if he missed out Angelina’s shoes on purpose. This caused a fierce online debate as the actor remained silent on the issue.

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However, Angelina cleared all of that up with an Instagram post on December 14, in which she posted the same four pairs of shoes, this time in their respective shoe boxes. “Wow, turns out I have (a pair) too. The Jordan 11 is too cool, I really like it. (Uncle Xiu’s are in the shoe cabinet and (we’re) lazy to get them),” she captioned.

Her indirect way of clearing up the air gained praise from netizens as netizens left positive comments such as “You sure have your ways of dealing with controversies”, “I knew that Uncle Xiu wouldn’t forget you” for the 13-year-old.

Alyssa tied the knot with Zihao in 2005 and welcomed Angelina in the same year. The former couple divorced in 2010 and have joint custody of their daughter.

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