Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai attended a promotional event for a Italian shoe brand in Taipei on December 19. He admitted then whenever he goes shopping, he's in the habit of looking for items for his wife Alyssa Chia first.

When asked about his upcoming family holiday plans, Jie Kai shared that they try to travel abroad every year as it creates good memories for both parents and children. He then talked about the last time they went abroad together, which was for his and Alyssa's wedding ceremony in Bali, and shared why their daughter Bubu started crying.

"She is a very sensitive child, and because she's still very young, she probably thought we were crying tears of sadness instead of tears of joy, so she cried too," he explained, adding with a laugh that she was probably a little jealous too as she believes her parents "belong" to her.

As for whether he and his wife are planning to have another child, Jie Kai said that he is very satisfied with how things are at the moment, and won't consider adding to their family anytime soon. "I'm afraid of falling out of favour with my wife if another baby comes," he joked.

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