Xiu Jie Kai and Alyssa Chia’s baby could arrive any day now

Xiu Jie Kai single handedly prepared a table spread of food for seven-month pregnant Alyssa Chia

alyssa dinner

Despite being worried about becoming overweight, Taiwanese actress-host Alyssa Chia shared a photo of herself enjoying what appears to be a seven-course meal prepared by the husband-to-be Xiu Jie Kai for her dinner-in-bed.

Along with the photo, she wrote: “I don’t know how long I will continue to feel so blessed, but all I can do is to savour what’s in front of me… Thank you Daddy (Jie Kai) for specially preparing this nutritious dinner (Don’t worry!)”

In the photo, she appears to be seated on a hospital bed in a patient’s attire, causing netizens to wonder why she’s been admitted to the hospital so soon. To address the concerns, her manager stated yesterday that “Bu Bu (the baby’s nickname) cannot wait to see everyone” and is “behaving very well”.

In May, Jie Kai announced Alyssa’s pregnancy and revealed that they expect the baby to arrive in September. The couple plan to register their marriage in August before holding their wedding at the end of the year.

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