Xie Na posts picture with husband Jason Zhang’s alleged mistress

The duo sent out a "warning" to all rumourmongers with the post.


Earlier last week, reports alleging that celebrity couple Xie Na and Jason Zhang were headed towards divorce began to surface. It was claimed that Xie Na had caught Jason cheating on her with Chinese singer Zhang Bichen, and that she had asked for a divorce immediately.

Bichen swiftly released a statement denying her involvement, and threatened legal action if the reports persisted. Xie Na and Jason also indirectly dispelled the rumours by mentioning each other during their respective interviews and public appearances. Xie Na also confirmed that she swill be attending Jason’s upcoming concert to show her support.

On Tuesday (Aug 13), Xie Na posted some pictures taken backstage at Jason’s concert. "After two days of suffering from the flu, I’m adding some pictures taken backstage at Jie Ge (Jason)’s concert with friends. Accompanied by music and my friends, [it was] wonderful, [I] love everyone,” she wrote in her caption.


Later, she added a picture taken together with Bichen, with the duo standing beside each other while pointing finger guns at the camera. Her tongue-in-cheek post was the first time she had directly addressed the reports. 

“This picture’s for the rumourmongers,” she posted, writing out the sound effect of a gun in her caption as well.

She also added a small passage reminiscing about the first time she attended Jason’s concert, writing, “I still remember the first time I saw your concert, it was 2008 at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. At that time, I was still your girlfriend. It’s been 11 years, by your side, watching over you, seeing your condition improve more and more, watching you focus on what you love the most. Being a fan of yours, I’m truly happy.”

Xie Na and Jason tied the knot in 2011 and welcomed twin daughters last year.

Photos: PBE Media

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