Xie Na criticised for mentioning her husband too often on broadcast

However, the host’s husband, singer Jason Zhang, spoke up on her behalf

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Chinese host Xie Na has been facing quite a bit of flak online from netizens, who feel that the 37-year-old mentions her husband, Chinese singer Jason Zhang, too often.

She was deemed as someone who’s unable to adapt appropriately to the situation, particularly on the show, Viva La Romance, which documents the day-to-day lives of a number of celebrity couples, including Xie Na and her husband. Netizens lambasted Xie Na for her frequent mentions of Jason.

However, Jason soon came to Xie Na’s rescue, with a post online explaining the reasons behind his wife’s behaviour. Sharing that the main aim of Viva La Romance was to discuss the interactions between couples, Jason revealed that the director of the show had requested for her to “find common topics to cue the husbands (so that they can have a discussion)”, which was why she mentioned Jason so often.

Recently, she also hosted a New Year countdown programme, where she was criticised for hogging the spotlight and not giving her co-host enough opportunities to speak. Her ‘limelight snatching’ behaviour got so bad that her co-host, Chinese host He Jiong, is said to have resorted to grabbing her arm to stop her from talking. But, Jason revealed that the scenario shared by netizens online were false. Rather than He Jiong having to stop Xie Na from speaking too much, he explained that the arm grabbing was because the music was too loud, and the two hosts had no other way to communicate, as they could not hear each other. Jason concluded that He Jiong had simply grabbed Xie Na’s hand so that they could co-ordinate their lines.

“Nana could’ve used her own social media accounts to explain herself, but she did not. Just like what happened four years ago, where she used humour to host the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, but was labelled as unprofessional instead. She did not share the script (that was given to her) to explain herself, as she was worried that it would affect the director and production staff. She never said a thing, and was misunderstood for four years,” Jason wrote.

Finally, when Xie Na took part in the programme, Who’s the Murderer, she was requested by the staff to bring up the overall mood, thus, she acted more lively and talkative. However, netizens then deemed her behaviour as “too awkward”. 

“The production team shared their wishes, for her to portray (a certain image), and she did what she was supposed to do. As a new guest, I feel that Nana did very well!,” Jason shared.

He then ended his post by sharing that there has been multiple occasions where he wanted to speak up on Xie Na's behalf, but he was always stopped by her. 

“I know that she has my best interests at heart (by stopping me), she’s strong-minded and does not care, this is just so that I will feel more at ease. (She’s) such a good wife, I’m really proud of Nana. And as her husband, my heart hurts when I see her bearing and understanding such matters so strong-mindedly. I love you, my sunshine goddess,” he wrote.

The couple tied the knot in 2011, and welcomed twin daughters into their family in 2018.

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