Xie Na reveals why she wanted to break up with Jason Zhang

According to the host, it was because she loved him too much

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Celebrity couple Xie Na and Jason Zhang, who have been married for seven years, recently guested on the variety programme, Viva La Romance, where they looked back at the early days of their relationship.

In the latest episode, Xie Na made a confession to Jason, recounting the reason she fell in love with him initially. 

“It was really because I liked his singing at the start, he’s just someone who simply loves singing,” she said.

When the lovebirds first started dating, Xie Na was already known for her hosting prowess, while Jason had yet to hit it big. Due to the disparity in their status, the couple were hit with a barrage of stress and negative comments. As a result, Xie Na revealed that she wanted to break up with him.

“It was not because I didn’t love him, rather, it was because I love him too much. I didn’t want him to endure all the needless criticisms, but he still endured it all, and it even allowed him to become stronger,” she said.

At that point, Xie Na couldn’t help but to tear up, and say, “I changed as well, because of his transformation. I became even better, and more flexible.”

Jason, who was standing beside her, broke out into a smile after hearing her words, and turned to Xie Na to comfort her with a look. He also reached out to tousle her hair, consoling her.

Xie Na’s confession touched the hearts of many netizens and fans, who showed their support for the celebrity couple’s relationship. Jason and Xie Na welcomed twin girls in February this year.

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