Past interviews paint Wu Xiu Bo as a family man

The actor, who is accused of being a serial cheater, appeared to be the perfect husband

wu xiu bo cheating affair

Following Chinese actress Chen Yu Lin (also known as Ruby Chen)’s bombshell announcement that she had a seven-year affair with Chinese actor Wu Xiu Bo, netizens and paparazzo alike have turned their attention to the internet, dredging up the 50-year-old's past interviews.

The actor’s The Advisor Alliance’s co-star, Zhang Zhi Xin, who was accused of having a relationship with Xiu Bo in Yu Lin’s lengthy post, stepped out to deny the accusation, alluding that Xiu Bo had sexually harassed her instead.

Curious, the public began to dig up more information about Xiu Bo’s wife and family, whom he rarely speaks about in interviews. 

According to reports, the actor tied the knot in 2002, to his non-celebrity wife. His wife, He Zhen Ya, is three years older than him, and the couple have two sons together, a 15-year-old and a 11-year-old.

In an old interview, Xiu Bo shared that he had handed over all his monetary assets over to his wife, and that she controls the finances in the family, causing many to comment that he was ‘the perfect husband’. When he was rumoured to be in a relationship with his Finding Mr. Right co-star, Chinese actress Tang Wei, Xiu Bo even declared loudly, “I love my family, I love my wife, my sons.”

However, some netizens managed to unearth an old clip of Xiu Bo on a talkshow, where he shared that he was a "popular guy" and had been in numerous relationships when he was younger, and that he could not even remember how many girls he had dated.

Xiu Bo has yet to comment on the controversy, as of press time.


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