Wu Xiu Bo caught up in legal tussle with mistress

The actor filed a lawsuit against her for extortion and blackmail


Chinese actor Wu Xiu Bo was revealed to have been cheating on his non-celebrity wife, He Zhen Ya, last year, with Chinese actress Chen Yu Lin.

Last Friday (January 18), Yu Lin’s parents revealed that Xiu Bo has since filed a lawsuit against the actress for extortion and blackmail, after luring her with promises of a ‘break-up fee’. The issue incited much discussion amongst netizens, with Chinese billionaire and entertainment company owner Wang Sicong chiming in as well, deeming Xiu Bo a “despicable man”.


However, a day later, Xiu Bo’s wife uploaded a clarification via the Weibo account of the actor's work studio, coming to the actor’s defence. Sharing that their family has faced more than a year’s worth of threats, scares and demands for money, she revealed that they’ve been very tolerant, and that they have no other choice but to turn to the law now.

Later, Yu Lin’s mother then uploaded another post, sharing screenshots of messages they had sent to Xiu Bo using Yu Lin’s phone, pleading for leniency. However, all their messages were ignored by Xiu Bo. She added that Yu Lin has been in police custody for 30 days now, sharing that the “punishment is too severe”.

From the screenshots uploaded by Yu Lin’s mother, netizens also noted that Xiu Bo's number was saved as “AAA My dear husband”. Speculating that the three ‘A's in front to ensure that Xiu Bo was the first person in her contacts, netizens then chimed in that they felt "sorry for Yu Lin”, who seemed to be infatuated with Xiu Bo.


Photos: PBE Media

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