Wu Xiu Bo’s 7-year affair with Chinese actress revealed

The actress split the beans after the actor dumped her

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Chinese actress Chen Yu Lin (also known as Ruby Chen) came out as married Chinese actor Wu Xiu Bo’s mistress in a private post to her friends on her WeChat account recently, shocking the entertainment industry.

The 25-year-old started off her post by writing, “This is the first time, and also the last time I’ll be writing about you on this platform. Seven years, I’ve been brainwashed by you, willingly controlled by you. You asked me to stop filming new projects, saying that the production environment was too complicated, and that I’d be unable to cope, that it’s enough for one of us to work, and I complied.”

She then went on to reveal that while Xiu Bo was filming The Advisors Alliance, she stayed in a hotel room in Hengdian, China, by the 50-year-old’s side for 333 days, “cooking porridge, soups and washing clothes” for him. Only when Xiu Bio left Hengdian to film, did Yu Lin sneak back to Beijing to visit her family.

The actress shared that Xiu Bo had promised to start a family with her “in the Year of the Dog (2018)”, to be together as a family forever. “But, I was mercilessly thrown aside by you even before the year started,” she wrote, adding, “I can never let go (of this hatred), I won’t forgive you, even in my next life!”.

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Yu Lin also shared that during their seven years together, Xiu Bo had cheated on her twice, with two different girls. One of the girls happened to be Xiu Bo's The Advisors Alliance co-star, Zhang Zhi Xi. Yu Lin also alleged that Zhi Xi, as well as Xiu Bo’s other flings had harassed her by making multiple phone calls to her. As a result, Yu Lin fell into depression, writing that it had “destroyed my life”.

Once the news broke, reporters who tried to call Xiu Bo’s representatives for a comment on the issue were hung up on immediately. 

Zhi Xi, who was accused of having a relationship with Xiu Bo, maintained that she was innocent, writing, “Now I finally understand why I received so much hate online last year, Even if you’re desperate, don’t drag me (down with you). That ‘teacher' has harassed me repeatedly, [and] I have not even reported it to the authorities… the heavens watch over everything that mankind does, thus, it is not surprising that one will crumble one day.”

Zhi Xi’s strongly worded statement led netizens to guess that Xiu Bo had sexually harassed her, with some sharing a post previously made by a famous paparazzi, revealing that Xiu Bo was known for acting inappropriately with his female costars. It was said that even those who were not of age were harassed as well, causing him to be labelled as a “beast”.

Xiu Bo first found fame in 2010, when he starred in the movie, Before Dawn. He is also known for his role as Hao Zhi in the 2013 film, Finding Mr. Right, which he starred in alongside Chinese actress Tang Wei. 

He tied the knot with his non-celebrity wife in 2002. The couple has two sons together.

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