Wu Jinyan criticised for bad acting

The actress’s ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ co-star, Charmaine Sheh stood up for her


Chinese actress Wu Jinyan shot to fame last year due to her role as the main character in the wildly popular drama, Story of Yanxi Palace.

Since then, the actress has been busy with event appearances and promotions, as well as filming for her next project, drama The Legend of Haolan, which has started airing. However, initial responses to the 28-year-old’s performance in the drama have been less than positive.

In one emotionally charged scene, the mother of Jinyan’s character dies right in front of her after being thrown into a well. Left helpless, Jinyan’s character then collapses right beside the well before letting out a loud cry. However, there was no sign of tears in Jinyan’s eyes, causing netizens to criticise the actress for her inability to cry on cue.

However, the production staff of The Legend of Haolan spoke out on Jinyan’s behalf, praising her for her considerable improvements. Her Story of Yanxi Palace co-star, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh, also joined the fray, saying, “She (Jinyan) is a very hardworking actress; she really is very diligent, and has improved a lot. She is always open to hearing the opinions of others, and is a very good co-star.”

As for the criticisms of netizens, Charmaine shared, “I've been a new actress before as well; in order to act (well), you need to accumulate experience.” She also shared that as Jinyan is still young, she lacks experience, and just needs a little more time to improve further.

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