Wu Chun suffers wardrobe malfunction minutes before televised basketball match

Aaron Yan and Lai Kuanlin, who were on the opposing team, came to his rescue


During a recent celebrity basketball match, Brunei-born singer-actor Wu Chun’s basketball shoes unexpectedly fell apart while he was warming up. Wu Chun did not have a spare pair of shoes on hand, and with the clock ticking down, it looked as if he was going to have to either play barefoot or sit out the match.

However, the his former Fahrenheit bandmate, Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan quickly came to his rescue. Although Aaron was playing for the opposing team, he quickly volunteered to lend his shoes to Wu Chun, asking the 39-year-old for his shoe size.

Unfortunately, Wu Chun could not fit into Aaron’s shoes, so Taiwanese rapper Lai Kuanlin, who was on the latter's team, offered his sneakers instead. The display of sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst the trio touched the hearts of fans and netizens alike.


After the match, the trio took their newfound friendship online, with Aaron teasing Wu Chun by writing, “If I had known that your team would be so ruthless, I would have let you play barefoot (instead of asking around for a pair of shoes for you).” The 33-year-old also tagged Kuanlin in his post, asking, “Do your shoes smell? If they do, ask Daddy (Wu) Chun to buy a new pair for you.”

17-year-old Kuanlin, who was formerly a member of the Korean idol group Wanna One, later left a comment on Aaron’s post, asking, “Do the new shoes come with an autograph? Hope (my shoes) helped you”.

Photos: PBE Media, Aaron Yan/Weibo, TPG/CLICKPHOTOS

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