Wu Chun reveals Max’s Chinese name on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’

The Bruneian actor shares the decision behind his son’s Chinese name


Bruneian actor Wu Chun and his two children, 6-year-old Nei Nei (Wu Xin Yi) and 4-year-old Max, are well-loved cast members on Season 5 of popular Chinese reality TV show Where Are We Going, Dad?, which features celebrity fathers and their children travelling to rural places in China together.

In a recent Chinese New Year special episode, Wu Chun and his children stayed over at a stranger’s place in Dongbei while looking for their accommodation. In a conversation over breakfast with the owner of the house, the 38-year-old revealed that Max’s Chinese name is Wu Xin Le.


As the word ‘Le’ is derived from the Chinese word ‘Kuai Le’ which means happiness, Wu Chun explained, “I picked the name because I want them to be happy.”

In a similar vein, Nei Nei’s Chinese name, previously revealed to be Wu Xin Yi, was chosen to describe happiness as ‘Yi’ holds a meaning of joy.

Photos: PBE Media

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