Wu Chun responds to baby pram controversy

Questions were raised over the need for the actor’s 4-year-old to ride in one


Bruneian actor Wu Chun, who is currently on holiday with his family-of-four in Europe, recently posted a slew of holiday pictures online.

“Can you guess where I'm at for my first stop, and who I’m with?” the 38-year-old wrote in his caption, which was accompanied by a few selfies.

In the first two pictures, Wu Chun, who was donning a cap and a pair of sunglasses, poses with a number of colonial buildings, with a stoic expression on his face. In the last picture, a long-haired female believed to be the actor’s wife, was pushing a pram with their 4-year-old son, Max in it.

After looking at the pictures, some fans made an educated guess as to where the actor had visited, namely Venice as well as the Rundetaarn in Denmark.

wuchun 2

However, some curious fans also commented on the need for Max to be in a pram, as he’s already four and more than capable of walking about on his own.

Soon after, Wu Chun replied to the comments personally, writing, “You’ll understand (why) when you have kids of your own. Being in a pram is so much safer as compared to walking”.

Photos: PBE Media

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