It’s been a busy year for Wu Chun and his family, with the 39-year-old and his dad currently in the midst of filming Chinese variety show, The Most Beautiful Time. However, the father-son duo, along with Wu Chun’s wife and his two kids, 7-year-old Nei Nei and 4-year-old Max, still managed to find the time for a number of family vacations, including a 20-day trip in Europe. 

To cap off 2018, the quintet headed off for one last vacation of the year, with the singer-actor posting a number of pictures from their holiday online. 

This time, the family went on their “favourite cruise”, with Wu Chun sharing pictures of their antics on board the cruise ship, from goofing around at a 3D exhibition, to riding an elephant. 

One picture that grabbed the attention of fans was one that Wu Chun had taken with his wife, Liying. Attempting Michael Jackson’s famed 'Smooth Criminal' lean, the singer-actor added text that read, “Can’t kiss (her) even after showing off my MJ pose, you must have patience in order to handle a female,” in the picture. As Wu Chun rarely shares pictures of his non-celebrity wife, fans were thrilled to get another glimpse at her.

Click on for more pictures from the family’s vacation!

Photos: PBE Media

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