It’s one thing to tell yourself not to make money or status comparisons with your peers, but when you attend a class reunion, it’s hard to ignore the stark physical differences, especially when you know you are all the same age.

 It’s no secret that Bruneian heartthrob Wu Chun and his family seem to have cracked the code to staying eternally youthful. Just look at how good the 41-year-old looks, or how sprightly his 74-year-old dad seems. 

But even so, netizens couldn’t help but be surprised at these pictures Wu Chun uploaded recently. As it turns out, the actor-singer, who’s been based in Brunei recently ‘cos of the COVID-19 pandemic, had the opportunity to attend his high school reunion. 

“Wow, my classmates who I’ve not seen in 20 years. For this year’s Chinese New Year gathering, I’m finally in Brunei… In these 20 years, everyone’s changed so much, but what’s fascinating is that the vibes between us are still the same,” Wu Chun wrote in his caption. 

He also followed up with a short paragraph in English, writing: "These are friends who truly [left] footprints in my school years. As we shared great memories and retold some hilarious class jokes, I felt like we were still sixteen in spirit lol (sic)”.