Wu Chun is filming a new reality show with his two adorable kids

Netizens are all for seeing Max and Nei Nei on the small screen again.

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Fans of Bruneian actor Wu Chun and his adorable kids will soon be able to catch the trio in a new reality programme.

Wu Chun shared the good news when he uploaded photos of himself in an editing studio on Weibo on January 13. “My first job in 2020. The first part of this reality programme will be shot in Brunei. I decided to be brave and go after my dreams once again,” he wrote.

Wu Chun’s kids, 9-year-old Nei Nei and 6-year-old Max, became well-loved among the public after appearing on the fifth season of Where Are We Going, Dad? in 2018. Netizens expressed their sadness that they would not be able to see the siblings again after the trio bade goodbye after the season ended.

While Wu Chun didn’t share more details of their upcoming programme, netizens noted that both Max and Nei Nei, who have grown considerably in the two years since Where Are We Going, Dad? look as close to their father as ever.

“How is it that his kids are growing up so fast, and yet Wu Chun manages to stay so youthful?” one netizen wrote. Most of the comments, however, were to show their support for the 40-year-old and to ask him to share more details on his secret project soon.

Wu Chun married his longtime sweetheart, Lin Liying, in 2009 and welcomed Nei Nei in 2010, and Max in 2013.

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