Wu Chun impresses with his six-pack

Netizens commented that it must have been difficult for the 38-year-old father-of-two to keep his body in tip-top condition

wu chun

Wu Chun has always kept his fans updated on what’s going on in his life, also uploading shots of his wife, Lin Liying, and their children, 7-year-old NeiNei and 4-year-old Max.

On September 9, Wu Chun updated his Weibo account with a photo and a video, and captioned it with, “It’s time to show Max what it means to be a man! I asked him to take off his shirt but he was shy. Max, it’s normal for men to take off their tops! Daddy will accompany you (in taking off your shirt) this time.”

In the first photo, Max is seen posing shyly beside his father, with the both of them sans their respective shirts. In the video, Max is in a huddle with other boys of varying ages before what looks like a basketball game.

Netizens’ comments under Wu Chun’s post have been varied, with some chuckling at how cute Max’s round stomach looks in the snap, with others expressing that with Wu Chun’s good genes, the little boy will definitely grow up to be a heartbreaker in the future.

Others quipped that Wu Chun might be taking the opportunity to show off his toned body. Some also shared their own experiences of getting on in their years, musing that it must not have been easy for the 38-year-old to maintain his physique. “Even though he’s married with two children, he’s still looking after his body so well. I should stop eating so much of my wife’s cooking for dinner…” one person wrote.

Photos: PBE Media

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