Was it a plan or a coincidence that both Wu Chun and his wife Lin Liying share the same birthdays (they are born one day apart) as their daughter and son?

Wu Chun, 39, was born on Oct 10 and shares the same birthday as his 7-year-old daughter Neinei while his wife, who was born in the same year as him on Oct 11 shares the same birthday as their 4-year-old son Max.

When the Bruneian singer-actor celebrated his birthday yesterday, a huge bash was held to commemorate all four family members’ birthdays together.

Wu Chun also shared pictures of their celebration, which was held at a kids’ indoor theme park, on Weibo. Max was dressed in a Spiderman costume while Neinei wore a pink frilly princess dress; and both birthday babies received a mountain of gifts from their invited guests.

A total of four cakes were laid out on the tables where they had their cake-cutting session, one for each member of the family. As head of the household, Wu Chun had a Superman cake while his wife, who has been silently supporting him all these years, had a cake with the Wonder Woman logo on it.

“I’m really grateful and cherish all the blessings, love and support that all of you have given this Super Family. Love you guys!” he wrote.

Photos: PBE media

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