Wong Jing refutes cheating reports

The director issued a denial, and will be taking legal action


Reports that Hong Kong director Wong Jing had spent the night with 24-year-old Chinese actress, Yun Qianqian, first emerged yesterday. Accompanied by pictures of the duo at dinner and walking outside, the reports claimed that the duo were seen in Beijing, China, and had entered an apartment building together after their meal.

While Wong Jing had shared through his company that he will not be responding to the reports initially, the 63-year-old later changed his mind and posted a statement on Weibo.

“(The reporters) really think highly of such an old geezer like me, saying that I’m able to be blessed by the company of beautiful women,” he wrote. Wong Jing then went on to share that he has been in the entertainment industry for many years, and that he understands that everyone is out to eke a living. “This is not the first time (untoward rumours) were made up about me,” he wrote.


He also clarified that the 'scandalous' pictures that accompanied the reports were actually taken while they were dining in a Korean chain restaurant, and that they were “maliciously edited together using shots taken of other patrons”.

Wong Jing then ended his post by sharing that he will be taking legal action against the reports. “In the past, I’d just smile and let it go, but this time, I've decided not to tolerate (this behaviour) any longer. I will be taking legal action,” he wrote. He also spoke up for the actress named in the reports, Qianqian. “Don't you b*****ds feel shy for harming the future of a young lady?” he questioned.

Photos: PBE Media


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