William So comes under fire after netizens link him to Andy Hui cheating scandal

The new release was too similar to Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong’s cheating scandal


Hong Kong actor-singer William So first came under fire from angry netizens last week. He liked a post that Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng made on Instagram, where she announced that she has forgiven her husband, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui for cheating on her. He had gotten intimate with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong in the back of a taxi.

Netizens were reportedly unhappy with William expressing his approval of Sammi’s decision, with many criticising him for not knowing better despite being a two-time divorcee. As Andy and William are close friends, many suspected that he had known of Andy’s misdeeds even before the video had been released.

Recently, it was reported that William cancelled the release of his new song, titled ‘Ni Na Wei'. According to the reports, the lyrics of the song are uncannily similar to Andy and Jacqueline’s cheating scandal. Thus, William against releasing it after considering the current situation.

The song’s music video, which was shot in March, also tells the story of female picking up a married man at a hotel bar. The music video is said to have cost HK$200,000 (approximately S$34,600) to produce. The song was said to be a preclude to his upcoming June concert, titled All That Jazz & Pop Live 2019.

The singer’s agency confirmed that the song will not be released. When asked if it was due to William’s decision, they would only answer, “ We respect William’s wishes”. The singer has not personally commented on the issue at press time.

Photos: PBE Media

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