William Chan denies snubbing network that airs ‘Chase Me’

The singer-actor was rumoured to have cancelled a Zhejiang TV appearance after the death of Godfrey Gao.


Following the news of Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao’s demise after collapsing while filming Chinese variety show Chase Me, netizens who claim they were part of the live audience have uploaded pictures showing the situation on set.

In one picture, a number of cast members, including Hong Kong singer-actor William Chan and Taiwanese singer-actor Calvin Chen, can be seen gathering near Godfrey, looking worried as CPR was being administered to the 35-year-old.

Later reports revealed that William had accompanied Godfrey to the hospital in the same ambulance. The 34-year-old was reportedly devastated after hearing that Godfrey did not make it, and has not responded to any interview requests since then.

Recently, an insider came forward to share that William has decided to cancel his scheduled appearance on Zhejiang TV’s New Year Concert. According to the insider, William would rather pay the hefty cancellation fee than show support for the broadcasting company behind Chase Me.

When reached for a comment, however, William’s manager denied the rumours, saying, “We have never received an invitation from Zhejiang TV to appear in their year-end concert.”

Since Godfrey’s passing, Zhejiang TV has come under much scrutiny. Fans and netizens have called for an inquiry into the show and are demanding for explanations for the various injuries cast members and former guest contestants have allegedly sustained on set.

It has been reported that other celebrities who previously appeared on the show were similarly exhausted, with some needing oxygen tanks after completing the course.

Photos: PBE Media

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