William Chan dating Brazilian model?

The Hong Kong star was said to have brought Brazilian model, Bruna, home to meet his parents

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Hong Kong singer William Chan’s love life has been kept under wraps ever since he split from actress Charlene Choi back in 2015. However, it seems that has changed as he was recently rumoured to be dating a Brazilian model, Bruna, and has reportedly invited her to meet his family.

The rumours first began when netizens noticed Bruna’s Instagram message on Nov 21 last year, which also happened to be the date of William’s birthday.

“Today is a very special day, for someone I love so much. I wish I could be by your side to say you happy birthday! But despite the distance that separate us now, I hope you can feel all the good energies I send you,” she wrote.

Sharp-eyed netizens noticed that many of their photos featured similar backgrounds and many even pointed out that one of Bruna’s Instagram stories showed her in the living room of William’s apartment.

An insider source further revealed that William had specially returned to Hong Kong from China in December and had brought Bruna, his mother and sister to Repulse Bay two days ago. The source added that they seemed very comfortable with one another and had fun throughout, with William’s sister even giving Bruna a watch as a gift.

Neither parties have responded to these claims and Bruna has deleted all her posts that were linked to the rumours.

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