Will Tracy Chu be settling down in Singapore after tying the knot?

The Hong Kong actress is currently under contract with TVB


On her 31st birthday this year, Hong Kong actress Tracy Chu announced that she had registered her marriage with her childhood sweetheart, Justin Ng in May. Since then, updates from the actress about her upcoming wedding celebrations have been far and few in between. Tracy shared that she hopes to keep the event private as Justin is not a public figure.

On Tuesday (July 23), an industry insider claimed that Tracy had recently sold off a number of properties that she owns in Hong Kong, and that she will be moving to Singapore with her husband later this year. The actress is known to be a savvy property investor and was gifted two luxury apartments by her father when she turned 19. She currently owns seven different properties in Hong Kong.

However, another insider later revealed news that contradicted the initial reports. Instead of selling off her Hong Kong properties, Tracy was reported to have spent HK$12 million (approximately S$2.09 million) to purchase a 600 square foot apartment in Happy Valley instead.


The insider also shared that Tracy and Justin intend to hold a beach-side wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia next month. Invitations to their nuptials are said to have been sent out to the couple’s family and close friends, with the lovebirds arranging hotel rooms for their guests. However, the guests will have to pay for their own flights.

When asked to verify the veracity of the reports, Tracy admitted that she had recently purchased an apartment under her own name. She declined to reveal further details about her purchase, and shared that she has yet to decide if she will be moving into the apartment with her husband or renting it out.

As for her upcoming nuptials, Tracy shared, “There are still a number of details that we have yet to settle, but we don’t wish to trouble too many people. Thus, everything will be done simply, without much fuss”. She also let on that Justin is currently working overseas, which is why the couple has to travel often to meet each other.

The actress also addressed the reports claiming that she will be settling down in Singapore. “As of now, I wish to remain in Hong Kong,” she replied. Although Tracy has taken a step back from her acting career in recent years, her contract with broadcasting studio TVB is still in effect. With TVB arranging work events and schedules for her, it is believed that the actress will be remaining in Hong Kong.


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