Will Rui En Win Best Actress At This Year's Star Awards?

Read our fearless predictions. (A version of this story first appeared in Issue 1382, Apr 13, 2017.)

It’s that time of the year again when Ch 8 stars battle it out for local TV’s biggest accolades. We get three anonymous industry insiders to give us their predictions for this year’s Star Awards.


star awards 2017 predictions best actor

  • ANDIE CHEN If Only I Could
  • PIERRE PNG The Gentleman
  • CHEN HANWEI The Gentleman
  • ZHANG ZHENHUAN The Dream Job

MEDIACORP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:ANDIE CHEN’s acting in If Only I Could is so natural and so realistic — I could really relate to him. He knows how to control his acting so that it’s not over-the-top. I think he has a high chance of winning.”

STAR AWARD-WINNING CH 8 ACTOR:ANDIE CHEN. He portrayed the ups and downs of his role very well. I liked how he showcased the contrast in emotions his character experienced whenever he time-travellled. He really put in a lot of effort and it showed.”

INDUSTRY WATCHER: “He wasn’t picked as one of the 8 Dukes, so ANDIE CHEN could only rely on his acting chops to get attention. And he totally nailed this role! However, judges are always dying to award an artiste who had a breakthrough year, which is why Zhang Zhenhuan may just emerge as the dark horse over hot favourite Andie.”

8 DAYS PICK: This first Best Actor nom for the immensely underrated ANDIE CHEN has been a long time coming. His heartbreaking turn in tearjerker If Only I Could also shows that he has long deserved a win in this category.


star awards 2017 predictions best actress

  • JEANETTE AW The Dream Job
  • REBECCA LIM You Can Be An Angel 2
  • ZOE TAY You Can Be An Angel 2
  • RUI EN If Only I Could 

MEDIACORP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:RUI EN. It’s refreshing to see her play a frumpy auntie. It’s a breakthrough for her ’cos she usually plays a career woman or a cute bubbly girl in her dramas.”

STAR AWARD-WINNING CH 8 ACTOR:RUI EN. She put on so much weight for the role. She’s a born actress and she is able to show a different side of herself with every character. But as you know, the ones we predict will win usually won’t (laughs). That’s always the case!”

INDUSTRY WATCHER: “We can’t deny how well RUI EN played this role. Meanwhile, Jesseca’s role in Hero is quite blah. You can cast almost any actress in it and it wouldn’t differ much."

8 DAYS PICK: Our vote goes to ZOE TAY, who touched our hearts as a nurse battling breast cancer in the nurse-themed drama. It’s also about time Ah Jie wins an award for her acting. The last, not to mention, only time Zoe was named Best Actress at the Star Awards was when she won for Golden Pillow... 21 years ago. 


star awards 2017 predictions best supporting actor

  • IAN FANG The Dream Job
  • JEFFREY XU Peace and Prosperity
  • ROMEO TAN The Dream Job

MEDIACORP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:IAN FANG was very lively and adorable in the drama. I’ve always thought that his acting is very good. He has a lot of potential and he knows how to convey his character very well. He’s a clear front-runner.”

STAR AWARD-WINNING CH 8 ACTOR: “This is quite tough, but I choose IAN FANG. He acts really well. His limitation is that he only shines in bad boy or spoilt brat roles. He’s such a convincing actor that he even managed to get the most popular actress in Mediacorp to be his girlfriend in real life!(chuckles)" [Ed: he’s referring to Rebecca Lim] 

INDUSTRY WATCHER:ANDIE CHEN played a simpleton in Hero. When a star does that, he or she gets two thumbs up from the judges without fail almost every year. As for Ian Fang, judges usually think he’s just a boy among the men, so they would never be too serious about awarding him.” 

8 DAYS PICK: Let’s just say ANDIE CHEN should make space on his mantle for (at least) two trophies.


star awards 2017 predictions best supporting actress

  • YAHUI House of Fortune

MEDIACORP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: “Her role as a cleaner who’s had a tough life is a challenging one but AILEEN TAN’s decades of experience allowed her to portray it well. Paige has a chance too. Her role as a bimbo was a huge breakthrough but I think she was a bit too exaggerated and could have done better.”

STAR AWARD-WINNING CH 8 ACTOR: “Either PAN LINGLING or PAIGE CHUA will win. Lingling’s role wasn’t easy. She didn’t put on any make-up for her role as a person suffering from dementia. I also found myself sympathising with her and watching the show every day just to see how her character evolved. As for Paige, she’s usually so calm and zen. I never expected her to be able to play such a bitchy role! (Laughs)”

INDUSTRY WATCHER: “The ever low-key PAIGE CHUA is likely to sweep this award as she gave one of the best performances of the year! As for Bonnie, it’s already a great honour to be ranked beside so many veterans — what more can she ask for?” 

8 DAYS PICK: It was strangely satisfying watching the super chill PAIGE CHUA play someone so catty and daft. And for that she deserves to win.


star awards 2017 predictions host

  • BRYAN WONG Hear Me Out 2
  • GUO LIANG Your Thoughts Please?
  • LEE TENG The 4 Chefs
  • QUAN YIFENG Markets In Asia

MEDIACORP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: “QUAN YIFENG. She had to interact with people in different countries, react to impromptu situations and still turn it up for the camera. It’s not easy.”

STAR AWARD-WINNING CH 8 ACTOR: “For sure, QUAN YIFENG. The programme she hosted was tough as she had to travel to developing countries to see how stall owners work in different markets. It’s very unlike Desmond Ng’s job, okay? All he did was travel and play. All the other hosts nominated in this category had very comfortable jobs. Yifeng deserves this the most.”

INDUSTRY WATCHER: “QUAN YIFENG is my hot favourite to win as it takes a superb host like her to be able to educate and entertain viewers with probably no script to fall back on. Judges might award Bryan Wong as it’s refreshing to watch him switch effortlessly from his usual wacky style to tackle more intelligent topics. As for Desmond Ng, he’s too new, too raw, and he can afford to wait for a few more years.”

8 DAYS PICK: The quick-witted QUAN YIFENG gets our vote for not being afraid to get down and dirty.

Catch the Star Awards Walk of Fame on Apr 16, 530pm on Ch 8. Star Awards (2017) airs live at 7pm.

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