Will Gao Yunxiang be retiring from the entertainment industry?

The Weibo account of the actor’s work studio has been wiped clean


While the final verdict for Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang's (also known as Gavin Gao) sexual assault case is still unknown, it seems like he may be preparing to bid goodbye to the entertainment industry.

In March last year, the actor, along with Chinese producer Jing Wang, was accused of sexually assaulting a female production crew member in Sydney, Australia, where they were filming a TV series called Love in Aranya.

Since then, Yunxiang has been detained in the country as the court case against him proceeds. He is currently residing in the country after being released on bail along with his wife, Chinese actress Xuan Dong, and their 2-year-old daughter.

Yesterday (April 17), a netizen discovered that the Weibo account of Yunxiang’s work studio had been wiped clean. Whilst the number of posts sent out so far had not changed, nothing was visible on the work studio’s page. This led to speculations that they had manually changed the visibility permissions for all posts, making it unviewable to the public.


Additionally, the Weibo account belonging to Xuan Dong and Yunxiang’s daughter is now empty as well. Previously, Xuan Dong had continued updating the account with pictures of their daughter, even after Yunxiang was accused of sexual assault.

Xuan Dong is also no longer following her husband’s personal Weibo account, though she still continues to follow his work studio, whilst Yunxiang is still following Xuan Dong on his personal account. On the actor’s personal account, only posts from the last six months can be seen.

According to previous reports, the actor is currently being sued for delaying the broadcast of the drama, The Legend of Ba Qing, due to his ongoing court case. He had previously come forward to deny reports that Xuan Dong was named as a defendant in the case as well.

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