Will G.E.M. have to promote under a different stage name?

Her current management agency owns the copyright to her stage name "Deng Ziqi"


Last week, Hong Kong singer G.E.M. announced that she wishes to terminate her contract with her management agency, Hummingbird Music, citing unfair treatment and practices. In her statement, she shared that it was a decision that she had decided to make after much thought and consultations with her lawyer.

After her announcement, Hummingbird Music released a statement denying G.E.M.'s allegations. Thus, it looks like a legal battle between the two will be inevitable. 

Earlier this week, however, fans found out that Hummingbird Music had filed to copyright the words ‘Deng Ziqi’ (G.E.M.’s stage name in Chinese) in September 2014. In July 2015, the application was approved, and entered the records in October that very year.


According to the official notice filed online, Hummingbird Music will own the copyright to the name "Deng Ziqi", as well as all related music and media related to the name, till October 2025.

In other related news, it has been reported that negotiations between the members of S.H.E and their former management agency, HIM Music International, for the copyright to the group’s name have been stuck at a standstill as well, despite months of negotiations.

As a result, fans of G.E.M. worry that the singer will not be able to promote under the name "Deng Ziqi" in the future.  Additionally, "Deng Ziqi" is G.E.M.’s stage name and not her legal name, thus making it harder for her to contest for the copyright to "Deng Ziqi".

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