Wilber Pan reported to have tied the knot with pregnant girlfriend

The singer has addressed the rumours on his Instagram page


Is Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan officially off the market? According to Taiwanese media, the 38-year-old has registered his marriage with a flight stewardess named Luna. The reports also shared that Wilber’s dad, who is an associate professor at a university, could not help but to share the good news with his students in class. 

However, Wilber’s work studio refuted the reports, writing, “Boss says that he’s thankful for everyone’s concern with regards to his love life, but he has yet to tie the knot, and there is no one who’s willing to marry him as well. But, he has received everyone’s concern, and will continue to work hard.”

wilber 2
A picture from Luna's Instagram (right) in a private jet, showing the sleeve of a jacket that was worn by Wilber, who posted a similar picture in the same plane.

Despite the rebuttal, friends of Wilber and Luna alleged that the couple has “registered (their marriage) in America”, and that Luna is currently pregnant with Wilber’s child. In addition, Wilber’s dad rarely mentions his celebrity son in class, thus, his excited reveal of Wilber’s marriage added credibility to the rumours.

It was also reported that Wilber and Luna had started dating in July 2015. At that time, Wilber owned a luxury apartment in Shanghai, China. In order to avoid detection, Luna often went over to his place for dates.

Yesterday (Jan 9), Wilber personally took to his Instagram page to deny the rumours once more. "I know that everyone is concerned about my wedding news and I'm grateful for that. But I don't think that fabricating news in order to create a 'sensational' story is right," he wrote, adding that he believes he will share any good news with everyone in the future.

Photos: PBE Media

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