Why Yeo Jin Goo was the perfect fright night buddy for HHN9

Yes, we do mean Halloween Horror Nights 9

fans get up close and personal with yeo jin goo during one of the haunted houses tour in halloween horror nights 9

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By now, you would have known that Korean actor Yeo Jin Goo was in town last month to promote his hit drama, Hotel del Luna.

What you probably also know is that he visited Halloween Horror Nights 9, where he popped by two houses, the Curse of the Naga, along with The Chalet Hauntings. What you probably don’t know, however, is that Toggle was part of his fright night squad on September 23 and got the chance to witness first-hand how the actor tried his best to hold it together as he braved the scariest Halloween Horror Nights that Universal Studios Singapore has had so far.

Oh, and for the record, we didn’t get any special treatment - we joined the party as a plus one of one of the winners of tvN’s contest.

But we digress.

yeo jin goo poses with fans after the tour

After meeting up outside the theme park after dark, we were ushered into a room where Yeo Jin Goo was waiting. He explained to us that he was a little nervous about the entire experience, but would try his best to be brave for the 12 fans there.

We were split into two teams, with each six-person group going into a different haunted house with him. It was only after that we were told that the Curse of the Naga was the scarier out of the two houses, and that Yeo Jin Goo was the perfect gentleman despite being scared out of his wits.

Thankfully we were assigned The Chalet Hauntings, and when we were waiting in line to enter the haunted house, the 22-year-old admitted to us, “I don’t know if everyone can tell, but I’m quite nervous. That previous house was so scary that I don’t know if I can do it again.”

To encourage him, one of the fans gave him a metal container with a pig drawn on it. He would later use this as a ‘weapon’ in the haunted house, declaring ‘I have pig!’ to a particularly scary encounter. Not that it worked, but hey, it was worth the laugh in the midst of screaming in terror.

Language was a slight barrier as he didn’t have any of his staff members nor his translator with him. Yeo Jin Goo tried his best to communicate with all six fans regardless of their levels of Korean, which gave him major brownie points in our books.

After dabbing off some sweat because of the sweltering heat, we were off into the haunted house.

“Hey, there’s a piece of tape that says no entry here. We should follow instructions!” he declared as he tried to make a U-turn.

That clearly didn’t happen, as he bravely took front and centre of the party while entering the haunted house.

yeo jin goo takes a group photo with lucky fans at universal studios singapore s halloween horror nights 9

We can’t tell you what exactly lay in store for us in the chalet, but we can tell you this: we would love to go for a Halloween Horror Nights experience with Yeo Jin Goo if he does decide to come back and visit it again one day.

The reason? Despite his celeb status, he wasn’t afraid to yell when he was startled, duck down when things got really scary, and laugh with us when we realised that we were mostly scaring ourselves by imagining stuff that wasn’t there. He did all this while the cameras were on him.

Despite his previous claims that he’s not afraid of ghosts, he might have changed his mind after experiencing the spooktacular event. “They don’t touch you, but even then, I was scared. Maybe it’s because they jumped out so suddenly, and their makeup is so realistic!” he said as we exited the house.

At the end of the night, he insisted on thanking each fan personally before making his exit, which reminded us once again of his impeccable manners. He didn’t have to do it, but he did it anyway because he wanted to spend quality time with his fans - and we’re sure that every single person felt his sincerity.

Tickets for the last night of Halloween Horror Nights 9 on October 31 are available here.

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