Eric Tsang attended a press conference to promote his new film The Last Thieves, which he produced and invested in, with director Jack Hsu and stars Joanne Tseng, Megan Lai, Yen Tsao, and more in Taipei yesterday (Oct 15).

The veteran actor also has a role in the movie as a businessman. Megan recalled an unexpected moment that happened when they shared a scene together, saying, “We were facing each other very closely when he suddenly blew a huge cloud of cigar smoke in my face! I was shocked, but he completely did not break character at all, so I forced myself to maintain eye contact with him.”

According to Eric, he is not usually in the habit of informing his co-stars about some of his intended actions, even if it’s a slap. “This way, you can get the most genuine and natural reaction out of the,” he explained. “If it fails the first time, there’s always a second chance.”

Jack had nothing but praise for Eric. “He makes magic happen on screen, even if it’s for something as small as smoking a cigar - I thought that would be all, but he added little touches like shaking the cigar, which made his character appear more charming in a way,” he said. “Because of this, I always gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted to do for the scene, and then have a discussion about whether to add or change anything later.”

Despite his seniority, Eric stated that he always has the utmost respect for the director. “Even if something goes wrong, I won’t say anything about it unless it really is a major problem,” he said. “Other than that, mistakes are a good way for directors to gain experience.”

Although Eric has enjoyed working with new directors lately, he admitted that he will refrain from working with his own son, Derek Tsang. “Wait til he’s more famous and successful, then we’ll talk!” he joked. The real reason, he added on a serious note, is because they’re too familiar with each other.

When asked about the rumours that Derek’s wife, actress Venus Wong, is expecting the couple’s first child, Eric replied with a laugh, “You should go and ask him yourself. I will wait for the good news from them and won’t keep pestering them about it.”

Photos: TPG, Instagram/IFFAM Photo Studio