Why Tony Leung scolded his director every night for three months

The actor shared that he had been given an ‘impossible’ task


Grievances were aired aplenty during a press conference for upcoming movie, Theory of Ambition, starring Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Chiu-wai.

At the press conference, Tony shared that he had been “given an impossible task” by the film's director, Philip Yung.

As it turns out, as Tony’s character in the movie is particularly skilled at playing the piano, he had to master the piano within three months. In one particular scene, Tony’s character has to play an exceptionally fast song on the piano, which was a very daunting task indeed. 

Tony shared that at point, he wanted to give up. However, he eventually decided to practise like mad instead. Whenever he had free time during filming, he would head over to the piano on set to practise. No matter how busy he was, he made sure to fit in at least eight hours of piano practise. Within three months, the actor managed to master the piano, and was able to complete the scene smoothly without any hitches.

Philip also chimed in, adding that while he was editing the scene, he realised that Tony had hit every note perfectly. The scenes were not dubbed over or overlaid with a separate music track, as Tony was able to play all the pieces required whilst filming.

But, during the three-month shoot, Philip shared that Tony had called him every night to scold him for giving him such a demanding task.

“However, he’s thankful now. (Tony) even has a piano at home now, playing the piano has become his hobby,” the Hong Kong director shared.

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