Why isn't Fan Bingbing in Paris to film her comeback movie?

All the main cast members, save for the Chinese actress, have assembled in France for filming


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing previously confirmed that she will make her showbiz comeback with Hollywood spy movie, 355, after lying low for months following her tax evasion scandal.

Two days ago, American actress Jessica Chastain, who is the executive producer of the movie, shared a video montage on her Instagram account. In her caption, she revealed that principal photography for the movie has begun. Bingbing also reposted the video on her personal Instagram account, writing, “Honored to be on board with you all (sic)”.

The video features main actresses Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Marion Cotillard, Penelopé Cruz, but Bingbing was noticeably missing.

In some of the clips, which features all the actresses together, Lupita can be seen holding a picture of Bingbing in place of the actress herself. 


However, the video still does feature Bingbing, who can be seen driving a car alone, as well as boxing in a gym.

According to reports, Bingbing is currently restricted from leaving China till she repays her fines from her tax evasion scandal. It is believed that she will be filming her scenes alone, which will then be added into the movie during post-production.

A number of Bingbing’s fans have pointed out that the actress was able to leave the country in June, when she journeyed to South Korea for a magazine shoot. Thus, the reason for her absence from the filming site in Paris is still unknown.


Photos: PBE Media

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