Why Doesn’t Chang Chen’s Two-Year-Old Daughter Want To Talk To Him?

Kids, they grow up so fast.

Last night (May 8), we met Taiwanese actor and all-round cool dude Chang Chen at the opening of Italian label Paul & Shark’s boutique at MBS. While we were asked by his minders to refrain from “personal questions”, the conversation, like with every parent, naturally became about his two-year-old daughter, Yuan Yuan. The actor, who’s married to his former assistant  Ann Zhuang, beamed whenever he talked about his kid — a marked difference from the imperturbable, reserved star we’re used to seeing on screen. Goes to show how kids can turn even the coolest of men into big softies. 

chang chen side view

He’s one of the coolest cats in showbiz. But is his daughter the same?
“She’s very different from me. Kids have their own character. And I think she’s still developing [in this aspect] and so I’ll give her more space to grow.”

chang chen daughter
He also showed off pictures of his daughter Yuan Yuan's birthday party in March.  

But it kinda sounds like she inherited his devil-may-care attitude. 
“She doesn’t really care [if I’m not around] anymore. When I called her this morning, she didn’t really want to talk to me (laughs).”

chang chen hiking
The actor recently posted on Weibo photos of him and his kid going on a hiking trip.

And probably his bad boy antics too.
“Oh, she’s naughty. Very, very naughty… I think she knows how to read the emotions of other people now. Sometimes when she looks at me, I’ll purposely play with her and pretend that I’m crying. And she’ll say, ‘Daddy, what’s wrong with you? Don’t cry!’ I think it’s so cute! (Laughs)”

And that is how having kids changes a man.
“I turned down all jobs for the first half of the year ’cos I know how fast kids grow up. If I miss her [growing up years], I’ll miss it forever.” 

chang chen wife
He married Ann in 2013. Their wedding was attended by stars like Tony Leung and his wife Carina Lau, as well as directors Wong Kar-Wai and Ang Lee. 


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