Why did Zanilia Zhao and Feng Shaofeng forgo a pre-wedding shoot?

There are two different reasons for it, according to reports


Reel-to-real-life couple Zanilia Zhao and Feng Shaofeng announced their marriage in October this year, after months of rumoured sightings of the The Monkey King 3 and The Story of Ming Lan co-stars out together on dates.

However, the couple chose to do away with the usual wedding banquet and simply registered their marriage. Since then, it has been widely reported that Zanilia is pregnant, with some reports alleging that the 31-year-old is expecting a baby boy due in March next year, while others asserted that she is carrying twins.

As for their choice to forgo a pre-wedding shoot, Chinese media outlets recently claimed that Shaofeng had explained the reason behind their decision to his close friends. According to the reports, Zanilia did not want to take the pictures while she’s pregnant, which is why they’ve decided to do so after she gives birth. In addition, it was said that the couple plans to hold a huge party to celebrate their son’s 100th day, as well as their marriage, when the time comes next year.

However, in a recent interview, the producer for The Story of Ming Lan offered a different reason. According to him, Zanilia had said, “We've already shot it (our pre-wedding shoot) in The Story of Ming Lan,” when he asked if the couple was planning to do a photo shoot together. He shared that Zanilia felt that as they had done all the marriage rites and rituals together whilst shooting for the drama, they saw no need to do it again in real life.

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