Why did Lin Chi-ling tie the knot with EXILE’s Akira six months after they started dating?

The model-actress shared more about her marriage at a recent event


Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling, who made a surprise wedding announcement just last month, made an appearance at an event in Taipei on July 27 and gamely answered questions about her marriage.

As Chi-ling’s husband, Japanese actor and EXILE member, Akira, is based in Japan, while Chi-ling is based in Taiwan, many were curious as to which country the newlyweds will be settling down in. Previous reports had speculated that they might be relocating to America. When asked about it, Chi-ling shared that as their marriage was too sudden, they had yet to decide which country they’ll be residing in.

“Home is wherever your loved one is,” the model-actress smiled, indicating that any country was fine for her, as long as she can be with Akira.


Additionally, Chi-ling also sang the praises of her husband to the media, saying that his “appearance, proactiveness, positivity and kind heart” are all to her liking.

Although they had tied the knot barely half a year after they first started dating, to Chi-ling, it was a case of “meeting (the right person) once again,  at the right time and space”. When asked for more details of AKIRA’s proposal, Chi-ling shyly declined, saying, “I hope that this can remain a secret".

The 44-year-old also shared that she will be cutting down on her work commitments in the future, to focus on her family as well as her charity commitments. Letting on her wish of becoming “an irreplaceable wife”, Chi-ling also reiterated her wish to give birth to twins.

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