Dicky Cheung reveals why he shaves his head

The actor had been slighted by an industry senior years ago


Hong Kong actor Dicky Cheung is currently enjoying a surge in his popularity due to his role in the drama, The Learning Curve of a Warlord.

The 53-year-old had first shot to popularity 22 years ago, after playing Sun Wu Kong in a drama. At that time, he had approached his company, TVB, to negotiate for a raise in his salary. However, to his chagrin, he was hit with the insult, “You have no value without (Sun Wu Kong’s) furry (costume) on”.

Angered by the comment, Dicky terminated his contract with TVB, and proceeded to shave his head, in order to prove them wrong, that he could still succeed without any fur, or hair, for that matter.


In a recent interview, Dicky looked back on the exchange, and clarified the entire matter. “Actually, the person who said those words was a senior in the movie industry. He had asked me to meet up at a hotel’s coffeeshop to discuss a role in an upcoming movie. 

"The role did not require me to have fur stuck on me (unlike Sun Wu Kong’s role). However, it turned out that a certain someone was willing to stoop to all means in order to lower (my) asking price. Those words were really hurtful, I was so angry that I left immediately,” he said.

Sharing that he was extremely hurt, and thoroughly incensed, Dicky then went on to say that he had thought of the “F word” then. Laughing, he then revealed that it was two words, “forgive" and “forget”. He also declined to reveal the name of the industry senior who had said those words to him, asserting that it would not be awkward even if they cross paths now.

As for his shaved head, Dicky let on that while it was connected to the comments he had heard all those years ago, there’s another reason behind it as well.

“At that time, I had to shave my head in order to shoot for a period drama. Anyway, I’m counting on my skills… as well as a little of my looks,” he said, adding that the one drawback of having a shaved head was that he was more prone to feeling hot, as the sun usually shines directly down on his scalp.

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